Custom Photography? Why Not Buy Stock Images?

Stock images are often just fine. But great pictures are the difference between a good news story that grabs your attention, and one that gets glanced over. A stunning picture can make your headshot glow, or create glossy marketing material that your business can use for many years. Our professional photographers have the experience and knowledge to shoot the best pictures for each kind of media, from brochures to annual reports and everything in between.

We will come right to your office for the photo shoot, and use your natural setting at the background for your pictures. It’s quite common for us to take hundreds of shots to deliver only the absolute best of the bunch, which arrives in your hands in DVD format. Our photographer often in touch with your, or our graphic designer through this process, so you will always get the file formats your business needs; we strive to be the best not to win awards, but to get you what you need.

Video is Not A choice Anymore. It’s a Must Marketing Tool to Use.

Almost every cell phone, tablet and mobile device manufactured today has a camera built in, so taking pictures and video has exploded in popularity over the last few years. If you have the ability to shoot video but don’t have the editing software or experience to make it look professional, we can help.

Here is a sample of our work

Case Study

Client: Jacob Bros Construction
Project: 10-Year Anniversary Event Video

  • Summary: Large and well-established company relative to road building and other civil construction. The company needs to build awareness of work they do in other areas, and position themselves better for growth/diversification. This coincides with the company’s 10th anniversary.
  • Challenge: Showcase a large portfolio of varied projects in a relatively short 4-minute video.
  • Approach: A selection of the best photos and video clips on file would be used as an introduction, followed with clips of interviews with the principals.
  • Solution: High energy music and voice-over was chosen to compliment the visuals.
  • Process: Script writing | On-location video was shot (company owners) | On-location B-Roll of construction work in progress was also shot | Music was chosen | Voice-over artist was chosen and the recording was done

Full Video Production

We offer full service video solutions that are specifically designed to make production easier with the best prices for videography in Vancouver. Our professional services are designed to create high-quality videos for your business, and we’re happy to customize your video to your liking. It’s also standard that all videos are shot in high-resolution for the best graphic resolution possible.

YouTube and Videos for Your Brand

The most popular video site online right now is YouTube, and with good reason. With its creation, a world of opportunities opened up for millions of users worldwide, especially the growing business community. This means that you should treat YouTube just like another search engine and format your website with video search engine optimization (SEO) or YouTube search engine optimization (YTO).

Videos are one of the best ways to promote your business online, which is good news for you! This means that the videos you are embedding in your website have a better chance of boosting the organic traffic that will inevitably flow to you. We offer the best videography services in Vancouver, and offer many packages to choose from in order to suit your needs.