Incorporate Internet Marketing into Your Strategic Marketing Plan

The internet is the first place many people turn when looking for a specific business, which is why it’s of critical importance your business be online and looking good for those who come across your website. Internet marketing will be the strongest tool you have, but knowing how to use it can be tricky.

Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest internet marking strategies out there, simply because it works well at what it does. This is a form of direct marketing through email with the express purpose of selling your products or services to the user.

While this form of internet marketing in Vancouver is simple, if not done right you might overwhelm, confuse or turn off your prospective customers. It’s not about simply getting them to purchase from you; it’s about creating a rapport and building trust. This is often accomplished through generous offers and valuable content without being pushy or intrusive in your customer’s inbox. Your business will benefit from customer interaction and a positive impact. Like the “old” business model, creating a relationship with your prospects is crucial if you want to be successful in converting them from prospects into buyers.

As part of your full internet marketing plan, you’ll not only be able to track which emails get the most clicks and conversions, but also automate your email workflows for customized correspondence and better results. It takes less time to see results from direct email marketing than it does for a sales team to reach the same amount of people, and with less hassle.

Social Media

In today’s fast-moving internet world, social media is the quickest way to reach a large target audience in the shortest amount of time. Take a look at the social media services we offer for internet marketing in Vancouver:

Facebook: You simply can’t ignore the fact that this is the best place to advertise on the Internet for many types of business. Through sponsored posts and promoted page campaigns, we can help you better engage with your audience to get more sales, conversions and revenue.

Instagram: This platform allows you to promote content directly from your brand with sponsored photos based on a user’s activity on both Instagram and Facebook. Good images and well written posts will create a large following of potential clients.

YouTube: YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world. Google is the number one, but YouTube will overtake it any day. You need to have a video marketing strategy to be successful in today’s market. A custom brand channel, video and mobile ads combine with contextual and demographic targeting to help you find your target audience and yield better traffic.

Twitter: Twitter is still very important. Properly spaced tweets and a well planned campaign will create a following. We can help to implement custom lead generation cards, re-targeting practices and promoted accounts to help drive leads to your site.

LinkedIn: This site has many options for advertising, especially if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company. The “LinkedIn Lead Accelerator” can help you retarget products by using this specialized marketing campaign.

Pinterest: One of the best way to get traffic to your website is Pinterest. A quickly growing social media trend, brands can register for a business account and take advantage of advertising and promoted pins for better conversions on your marketing campaigns.

Why Buy Local?

The best internet marketing Vancouver has to offer can only be found at Poissy Design, a local company with the experience you need to create the best website possible. We offer great customer service, competitive pricing and the professionalism you deserve through each stage of the creation process and beyond.