The Three Basic Types of Graphic Design

You instinctively know what the three are — image-based, typographical and image plus type design. For image-based design, the idea is to take a powerful image, whether it is light-hearted or compelling, and create a strong brand impression around it. These images can be drawings, photographs or digitally designed pictures, as long as our graphic design team in Vancouver can create a complete message from it.

In typographical design, the visual message comes across with words alone. The designer works through the creative use of type, style, color and the placement of the words. With image plus type design, a combination of these two styles is balanced to create a message that is both powerful and eye-catching.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes?

Before we get started on your project, we will do a lot of research. Who are your competitors? Who is the audience for this piece? What sort of trends can be used to suit your brand and style? Do you have an established brand? How about your strategic marketing plan? Even though our research is extensive and may be time-consuming, it’s also a vital step towards creating a piece that communicates to the right demographic and isn’t anywhere close to your competitors. We intend to deliver the best graphic design Vancouver has to offer.

How About a Bit of History

What is graphic design? Throughout mankind’s extensive history, visual communication has almost always been present. From the intricate and detailed manuscripts of the Middle Ages to our present-day computer generated imaging, graphic design is simply creativity that produces a visual message for a specified audience.

The first use of the term ‘graphic design’ in print was by American book designer William Addison Dwiggins in 1922, and was used to describe the process of creating visual communication. Graphic designers in today’s society can take a particular image and shape your message around it simply and easily.

Our brains are wired to see colors and shapes before deciphering written words, which is why graphic design is so popular. In 1994, Wonderbra designed a billboard around the now-iconic image of model Eva Herzigova, which featured her picture, the company’s logo and two words – “Hello Boys.” Very little was used in the way of wording but the visual image was strong; so strong, in fact, that the advertisement caused several traffic accidents and had women all around the world clamoring to look just like Eva.

The graphic design was simple yet incredibly effective, just as all good design should be. For graphic design in Vancouver, our goal is simple: to bring you the best services available, no matter what. Our design firm starts by learning as much about your brand as possible, your goals and your requirements so we can determine which services are best for your exact needs. During this process, we’ll also find out what you aim to achieve from the design, like more sales or a better product offering. Each piece of this discussion will be covered in our Creative Brief for the graphic design before we get to work.