Good graphic design is both art and strategy. It’s an art form with a business purpose. And this applies even stronger to website design and web development.

Every time we are hired, we take a strategic approach in our graphic or website design services to ensure that the selected creative solutions meet our clients’ business objectives.

You can always rely on the following:

  • Design choices: Creative, fresh, ideas and multiple design concepts to choose from.
  • Personal customer service: we are known for the best personalized customer service in Vancouver.
  • Graphic design: Award-winning graphic design that meets your strategic marketing goal.
  • Art direction: When the project moves into the production phase, the use of all graphic design elements is supervised and controlled to assure consistancy in branding.
  • Extensive experience: Yes, after more the 25 years in this industry we can claim it!
  • Timing: The on-time and on-budget delivery of end-product is our well know guarantee.

Project Management and Quality Control

We take full responsibility for the work we do. We have developed the following practices to safeguard your work:

  • System: A dependable system for handling thousands of all electronic documents.
  • Proofing: A rigorous system for proofing; we also supervise all press checks.
  • Electronic files: We prepare electronic files meticulously; there are no time-consuming surprises.
  • Back-up: We back-up our website design, programming and all other files daily.
  • Web links: We regularly check the links on live web sites so that our clients can concentrate on taking care of their own business.
  • Keeping you in the loop: We follow through on all of our communications, there are no loose ends in the work we do.

Call us today for a free consultation. Let’s get the process started and we’ll help you with your graphic design or strategic marketing needs.